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The "Geotechnics" field deals about all the problems concerning: soil and rock mechanics finalised to the design of structures interacting with soil or rocks, foundations, retaining walls, earth works, tunnels and so on, including all different kinds of works: highways, earth dams, electrical power plants (both surface and underground plants), off-shore platforms, industrial and civil buildings, slope stablization works.

The offered activities vary from consultancy, to design of all phases, from supervision during construction works to security plans editing and health and security management (D. Lgs. 81/2008).

More in detail, the activities include:

    • feasibility studies for important infrastructures from a geotechnical viewpoint;
    • geological survey planning, both on site and in laboratory and related detailed technical guidelines;
    • geotechnical and geomechanical subsoil modeling, definition of constitutive laws and parameters that characterise static and dynamic soil behaviour;
    • definition of the most suitable construction technologies for foundation works (shallow, deep, pier, special), retaining walls (gravity and diaphragm walls), soil improvement and drainage of underground waters;
    • geotechnical dimensioning and executive design of manufacts, geotechnical works and soil treatments;Frana in località Avigliana (To)
    • soil remediation and/or soil improvement studies;
    • static and dynamic soil-structure interactions calculations and controls;
    • detailed technical specifications for the execution of structures;
    • forecast of structures and soil short and long term behaviour;
    • geotechnical assistance to the Works Supervision or to Contractors during construction works;
    • planning of controls during the execution of the works and of monitoring during service life, data interpretation and judgement about structures and soil behaviour;
    • landslides analyses, definition of their causes and assessment of possible remediation works;
    • slope stability analyses;
    • studies and executive design of landslides stabilization works.
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